Customers all over the world rely on plain bearings made in Essen.

For more than 100 years, our plain bearings have been used in machines on all continents.

As a full service provider for plain bearings, GLT offers an adequate solution to every problem.

Our speed, high flexibility and consistently high quality blend smoothlys

in every production process.

New production and regeneration of plain bearings for thermal power plants (coal, gas, nuclear)
  • generator bearings
  • turbine bearings
  • pump bearings
  • exciter bearings
  • radial tilting segment bearing
New production and regeneration of plain bearings for hydropower
  • guide bearing
  • generator bearings
  • pump bearings
  • restriction bushings
  • Supporting bearing pads
  • housing for variable pitch propeller
  • bronze bushings for ball valves
New production and regeneration for the cement and milling industry
  • neck bearings
  • eccentric
  • sliding shoes / lift lads
  • liners
  • support cone
New production and regeneration for the transmission industry
  • thrust bearing for large gearbox
  • radial / thrust bearings
New production and regeneration for the rolling mill industry
  • calender bearing (steel / white metal or bronze)
  • crankshaft bearings
For this we manufacture bearings, e.g.
for piston compressors, pumps, cranes, ships or railways

Our quality management – your market advantage

  • Certification EN ISO 9001:2008 by DNV
  • Member of the German Non-Destructive Testing Association e.V.
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Zerstörungsfreie Prüfung
DNV Zertifikat





Made in Germany


We are GLT

Over the years, Gleitlagertechnik Essen has acquired extensive know-how in dealing with white metal coating and the manufacture of bronze bearings over its many years of history.
Our broad portfolio of products and services ranges from new original equipment or spare parts to thrust pads and tilting pads with diameters from 50 mm to more than 4,000 mm.

One of our core competences is the complete regeneration of existing bearing shells. We restore all functional dimensions by using the old base body. “As New”, so to say.


In our modern technology center, more than 50 highly qualified employees manufacture high-quality components and complete assemblies according to individual customer requirements.
Our world-renowned customers come from the fields of hydropower, gearbox construction, cement industry, rubber / film industry, marine propulsion, rolling mill technology, turbomachinery, engine / generators, steam / gas turbines and technical power plant technology.

Materials and Coating

We stock a wide range of white metal alloys and have a large stock of specialty bronze semi-finished products for a wide range of applications.
Our proven coatings are applied in a very precise process for a long service life.

Diversity, speed and precision

As an innovation driver and one of the market leading companies in the field of plain bearing technology, we cooperate with the Berlin KST GmbH and the Görlitzer TKG GmbH. In this way, we can react even more flexibly to the complex requirements of our customers and offer you tailor-made solutions at the highest technical level. We rely on our diverse application know-how, on our high level of vertical integration as well as on speed and highest precision. precision

Bearings are the interface between rotating and stationary machine components

Bearings strongly influence the system properties